Moorea, Tahiti

Inspiring guides for your holiday to Tahiti

Stunning white sands for relaxing on, azure lagoons for snorkelling and paddle boarding, luxurious hotels for putting your feet up - what's not to love about a holiday to Tahiti?

If you need even more inspiration for booking you Tahiti getaway, take a look at your guides below. They are packed full of enticing information and great recommendations from our travel experts.

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Getting around Tahiti and where to stay

Tahiti will fulfil all your South Pacific island fantasies. Picture idyllic beaches, turquoise ocean and luxury resorts with overwater villas. Experience world-class diving, volcanic mountain ranges, sumptuous spas and lagoons teeming with marine life.

Fall in love with Tahiti with these recommended romantic holidays

The largest of the 118 islands and atolls that make up French Polynesia, Tahiti seduces you with its silky white beaches, glistening South Pacific waters, repertoire of luxury resorts, year-round tropical sunshine, and beguiling culture.

Exploring Tahiti's islands

Part of the French Polynesia, there are so many beautiful islands in Tahiti to discover. Whether you're looking for cultural insights, a tranquil escape, or striking black sand beaches, there'll be an island for you.

A first-timer's guide to holidaying in Tahiti

This is your speedy guide to everything Tahiti. From what weather to expect and the festivals you shouldn't miss, to the best forms of transport and the currency you'll need.

A true taste of Tahiti

Discover the tantalising tastes of Tahiti, including the history behind the flavours, the key ingredients included in vibrant Tahitian cuisine and traditional dishes that you must try.

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