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Holidays in China
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Holidays in China
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Holidays in China

China holidays - A vast landscape of infinite wonder

China combines the ancient world with modern luxury better than anywhere else. The cultural hub of Beijing and the meandering collosus of the Great Wall offer some of the most impressive sights you'll ever see, while metropolitan Shanghai presents China's incredible economic and technological prowess.This is a country that redefines your concept of ancient culture.

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A mystical and enticing destination

China is vast in every sense. A mismatched and hypnotising land that runs headlong from hyper-modern cityscapes into raggedy urban facades, following into sprawling farmland and charming greenery.  Beijing and Shanghai are two of the most famous cities; the former cultured and worn, and the latter dense and cosmopolitan. Away from the cities it’s the oriental mystique that China is famous for – the frighteningly massive Great Wall and myriad temples and historical sites offer virtually unlimited opportunities to immerse yourself.

A huge country sprawling across eastern Asia, China is so large that it has land borders with 14 other countries as well as thousands of miles of coastline. With enormous industrial cities mixing up with horizons of verdant farmland, China is a country with almost every extreme rolled into one.

With 1.3 billion citizens, China is almost impossible to pigeonhole and you might surprised to know it’s estimated that nearly 60% of Chinese people are non-religious. Nevertheless, this is a country entrenched in traditions and customs.

Why visit China?

  • There are so many fantastic cultural experiences, whether that’s the Great Wall, the Forbidden City or the foreboding heights of Mount Everest
  • This is a country of world-famous food; but don’t go expecting the Anglicised version, you’ll only find authentic and delicious cuisine here
  • One-of-a-kind country unlike anywhere else where old meets new and urban sprawl meets rural beauty
  • Gigantic in truly colossal proportions – you could never have two experiences in China that are the same
  • The supersize cities of Beijing and Shanghai are gloriously different and both are completely worth your time

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China Quick facts
Time difference: GMT +8 hrs
China Quick facts
Capital: Beijing
China Quick facts
Currency: Renminbi (Yuan)
China Quick facts
Dialling code: 00 86
China Quick facts
Language: Mandarin

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