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On the surface, Cyprus is an alluring coastal destination, pairing turquoise Mediterranean waters with rugged beaches and warm hospitality. Delve a little further and you’ll find compelling history that embraces a mix of cultures, with incredible ruins that tell old tales and myths.

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An enticing destination fusing culture with natural beauty

Cyprus’ coastline is nothing short of spectacular. Wander along the rugged beaches and you’ll find tiny sea caves acting as a natural frame for the azure waters, with beaches for every kind of traveller. Pissouri Beach in Paphos offers fun water sports, friendly tavernas and soft sands for young families, whilst Lara Bay is much more isolated and is a popular nesting spot for turtles. Fig Leaf Bay meanwhile is a hit with all travellers thanks to its gorgeous frame of fig trees and natural paddling pools. But there are so many more beaches to discover around the whole island that you’ll be sure to find your own favourite.

The island has accumulated a variety of different cultures, all steeped in history and myth. In between dining on meze dishes and enjoying a dip in the ocean, days are well spent exploring the wide array of fascinating ancient attractions on offer. You’ll find striking remnants of old kingdoms and necropolis (designed cemeteries with elaborate tombs) in the southwest, whilst the southeast offers golden beaches lined by old castles and monasteries. Wherever you decide to discover, there’s no doubt you’ll be met with the warm hospitality the Cypriots are so well known for.

Why visit Cyprus?

·         Mixing Mediterranean, Greek and Turkish fare, the food scene here is sensational. Think of long afternoons with a colourful meze, a Cypriot speciality that combines lots of small plates including salads, grilled meats, cheeses and dips. Typically, you’ll find salty halloumi, creamy hummus, refreshing tzatziki and souvla – big chunks of meat marinated and then charcoaled – on the menu.

·         The culture and history here are gripping, and so multifaceted. You’ll discover ancient ruins, Neolithic dwellings, Phoenician tombs, stone castles atop mountain peaks, old cities and Roman mosaics, to name but a few.

·         The Mediterranean climate makes Cyprus a wonderful destination to visit all year round. The summer months of June to September are the most popular thanks to the sun-soaked days of water sports, sunbathing and dining al fresco on offer. Cyprus is a favourite for winter sun holidays too, as the weather is mild enough for you to explore the cultural attractions and hike along the rugged cliffs.


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