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Luxury Holidays

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Our luxury holidays are a hand-picked range of elegant hotels and indulgent resorts in dream destinations. Perfect for an unforgettable experience, these are truly the ultimate in comfort, style and sophistication. If you want only the best of the best, have a look at our Platinum Collection.

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Discover Luxury Holidays

What makes a luxury holiday special?

At Tropical Sky, we think that a ‘luxury holiday’ should mean more than just relaxing in the sun and eating great food; we think it should be something extra special. That’s why we provide a bespoke personal service and tailor make your holiday to ensure that you do exactly what you want and all your specific requirements are met.

Our dedicated and experienced staff offer insider tips and genuine insight into the places you want to go. We take pride in knowing our locations inside-out and being able to help you choose a holiday that’s really going to be perfect for you. Not everyone’s idea of luxury is the same, so we like to listen to your thoughts and choose the perfect resort for you based on our experiences.

When it comes to the actual booking, we like to make sure that the process is as simple and seamless as possible. You can let us worry about the details, so that you can focus on having a great time. And remember that your holiday starts from the moment you leave home; we can upgrade your transfers or your flight class to ensure you start your trip in style.  

We’ve hand-picked a range of exceptional 4 and 5 star accommodations that offer premium service in the world’s most beautiful locations. We only provide the very best – whether you’re looking for the exclusivity of an understated, elegant hotel or the fun of a decadent resort serving up fine food and top notch facilities.

A luxurious holiday is all about the right location, too. Whether you fancy indulging in a wonderful Seychelles getaway or adding a touch of glamour to your Dubai trip, our selection of luxury hotels are hand-picked to accentuate each destination's incredible beauty.

We only recommend resorts that will make you feel special and ensure that you’ve had an amazing time. We know where to find the best in stylish surrounds, gourmet food, secluded beaches or a resort that combines all of them; just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll find the hotel that’s ideal for your luxury holiday.

Five reasons to go on a luxury holiday with Tropical Sky

  • Only the best 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts are chosen
  • Unparalleled exclusivity and style
  • Set in the world’s most wonderful destinations
  • Your holiday is tailor-made to your requirements
  • A simple, seamless booking process

Luxury Holidays Information

Our Luxury Holidays offer a wide variety of things to see and do during your trip. Check out our travel guides for plenty of travel inspiration and tips from our Tropical Sky experts to create the perfect holiday for you.

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