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Holidays in Grenada
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Holidays in Grenada
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Holidays in Grenada

Useful facts for your holiday to Grenada

Flight and Transfers

Direct flights to Maurice Bishop International Airport in Grenada take approximately 9 hours and 20 minutes. Most of our resorts are based on or near Grand Anse beach; this is around a 10-minute transfer from the airport. A Tropical Sky representative will meet you on arrival if you’ve booked transfers with us.

Visa Requirements

Irish Citizens travelling to Grenada require a full Irish Passport which must be valid for 6 months after departure from this country. All children and infants must also have their own passports for entry into Grenada. Please check up to date requirements with the Department of Foreign Affairs or the Embassy.


English is the official language of Grenada. However, almost everyone on the island speaks in a Creole dialect that is challenging to understand if you’re from outside of the Caribbean. When speaking to tourists, everyone on the island will be able to adapt the way they speak to make it easier for you to understand, but will still speak in a strong accent, which will be difficult to grasp at first.


Self-Drive: Car rentals are available at relatively reasonable prices. As long as you have a valid licence you’ll qualify for a temporary licence in Grenada, which must be bought before you’ll be allowed to rent a vehicle. Driving is on the left.

Bus: Taking a bus is the cheap and easy way to get around. The bus is a great place to see typical Grenadians going about their daily life. The ‘buses’ are actually minibuses carrying about 15 people each.

Taxi: There are plenty of taxis on Grenada and they are generally fairly reasonably priced.


The Eastern Caribbean Dollar (often written as the EC$) is the official currency, although in hotels and many of the large restaurants and shops you’ll be able to use US Dollars as well. Credit cards are widely accepted.


220 V, 50 HZ, rectangular three pronged plugs (the UK standard)

Vaccination and Health

As health requirements change please consult with your GP or specialist travel clinic well in advance of your holiday for specific information related to your travel and medical history. Additional information can be found by visiting MASTA Travel health.

Healthcare in Grenada is fairly reasonable. Tap water here is usually completely fine to drink – but if you’re at all worried, check with your resort.

Dialling Code


Time Difference

GMT -4 hours (-5 hours in summer)

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