Carriacou Island in Grenada
St George's, Grenada
Mona monkey in Gradn Etang Forest Reserve

Eating, drinking and enjoying the nightlife in Grenada


Unsurprisingly for an island boasting the moniker of ‘Spice Isle’, Grenada’s cuisine is heavily influenced by the abundance of spices available. But the wealth of fresh fruit and vegetables is another aspect of Grenada’s culinary prowess. Nutmeg is a welcome addition to most dishes here; often you’ll find it combined with unexpected flavours – everything from yoghurt and fruit at breakfast, to the spicy sauces with grilled seafood.


Grenada is a high-volume rum producer. Clarke’s Court and Westerhall are two of the top producers and you should try their rum if you get the chance. You can also visit the River Antoine Distillery to see the brewing process.


Nightlife in Grenada is mainly centred around resort entertainments in the evening, with quiet drinks and delicious meals. But if you are interested in going out and having fun there are a few clubs and bars, mainly in the capital St George’s, where you can dance, drink and party.

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