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Things To Do and Excursions

Atacama Desert

The parched Atacama Desert is a unique and mesmerising landscape that really needs to be witnessed. Some areas of this wasteland haven’t seen rain for more than 400 years, speckled with volcanoes and salt marshes that break up the vast, dry land.  

Easter Island

Isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is a mysterious place that still baffles scientists. Come here to witness to the bizarre volcanic statues and rock carvings left by its native inhabitants.


Chile’s remarkable coastal city lies perched by the waters and is incredibly charming. Colourful pastel houses team up with rolling hills for beautiful views.

Patagonia rainforests

The Patagonian rainforest is home to millennia-old larch trees – if you want to check them out, the best place if the Pumalin Park. A 700,000-acre nature reserve hosts a number of trails where you can see these fantastic trees.

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