Indian Ocean top ten: hotels, things to do and romantic getaways

An expansive tropical paradise, with crystal-clear waters and unspoilt archipelagos shrouded in verdant jungle and fringed by sugary sand beaches. The Indian Ocean is a destination that encapsulates the essence of rustic luxury, natural beauty, and indulgence.

We’re certain you will love everything the Indian Ocean has to offer. We’ve picked the very best luxurious hotels that pave the way when it comes to treating yourself to a lavish getaway. From the ease of All-Inclusive, to the relaxing vibe of a sensational spa resort, the Indian Ocean’s collection of hotels are very special.

That’s before you’ve even contemplated the beauty of this destination. The turquoise waters beckon you towards snorkelling with the exotic marine life, whilst the thick tropical forests just beg to be explored. Soaring palms slowly sway in the breeze, whilst the warm powdery sands sink between your toes. This is a place that will calm the spirit and revitalise the soul.

With so many stunning locations to visit in the Indian Ocean, it’s hard to know where to start. Why not check out our favourite archipelagos and everything they have to offer – beginning with our favourite laidback spa hotels in the Indian Ocean. This gorgeous oasis is your oyster, and we’re certain you’ll fall in love.


Think of luxury and romance, and the Seychelles will spring to mind. From the luxurious hotels nestled on their own private island, to the azure reefs teeming with turtles and colourful fish, these stunning archipelagos just ooze glamour. Mixed with a natural beauty that will take your breath away, we believe holidays to the Seychelles are truly special, and full of magic.

Top 10 romantic hotels in the Seychelles

Dining under the stars, walking along the beach as the sun sets, indulging in the castaway feeling…the Seychelles are spellbinding, and one of our favourite spots for enjoying a romantic holiday. The rustic-luxe of the Seychelles’ hotels inspire passion just as much as the stunning landscapes, and we’ve selected 10 of the best romantic Seychelles hotels to help you feel the love.

Top 10 luxury hotels in the Seychelles

Ranging from beautifully extravagant resorts, to hotels offering barefoot luxury, the Seychelles’ hotels all evoke a sense of sophistication. Whichever island you decide to explore, you’ll find a hotel that really puts their guests first and offers a kind of luxury you just can’t fathom. Check out our selection of the top luxury hotels in the Seychelles to kick start your inspiration.


The Maldives will make your jaw drop as soon as your plane glides across the unbelievable scene of bright blue ocean and islands drenched in sunshine. With over a thousand islands to discover, no matter where you go you’ll indulge in a wonderful secluded ambience, with barely anyone in sight as you leave your everyday stresses behind and completely unwind.

Top 10 luxury hotels in the Maldives

From beautiful rustic lodges nestled on the pristine white sands, to breath-taking villas perched on stilts above the azure lagoons, the Maldives certainly know how to add a touch of luxury to your tropical getaway. Many of the Maldives’ private islands are adorned with unforgettable, lavish hotels, and we’ve created our own top 10 list of our favourite luxury hotels in the Maldives.


Located just east of Madagascar, the striking oasis of Mauritius is not only one of natural splendor, but an archipelago teeming with culture and heritage, too. Mixing French, Asian, British, Dutch and African influences, Mauritius is perhaps one of the world’s most eclectic destinations, meaning there’s more behind the picturesque backdrops of sweeping beaches and thick, bright green forest. From undersea walks and visits to tea plantations, to deep-sea fishing and catamaran cruising, Mauritius is perfect for adventurous souls too. If that gets your heart pumping, check out the top 10 best things to do in this diverse destination.

Top 10 romantic getaways in Mauritius

Nothing could be more romantic than waking up to watch the sun rise over the horizon, dining with your toes in the sand, and enjoying a leisurely catamaran cruise with your loved one. Couple that with a wonderful hotel that goes above and beyond and you’ve got yourself a romantic break to remember. From those with incredible lagoon-style pools, to those with amazing, rejuvenating spas, we’ve collated the very best of the romantic getaways in Mauritius.

Sri Lanka

This tear-drop shaped island nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean has everything you’d expect from an exotic paradise and more. The wide stretches of sand and sparkling waters lapping against the shore are the hallmark of a picture-perfect holiday, and the verdant rainforest adorned with cascading waterfalls are perfect for curious travelers hoping for a sense of adventure amidst the unforgettable landscapes.

Top 10 family hotels in Sri Lanka

The Indian Ocean isn’t just for romance – it’s a place for the whole family to enjoy, too. Little explorers will love sightseeing and spending their days building sandcastles or playing in the beachfront pool, whilst mum and dad treat themselves to a couples’ massage. Sri Lanka is home to a myriad of hotels perfect for families looking for a blend of culture and luxury, and we have a fantastic list of our top 10 Sri Lankan family-friendly hotels for a dose of inspiration.

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