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Useful facts for your holiday to Hanoi

Flights and Transfers

Direct flight time from Dublin to Hanoi Airport (Noi Bai) is approximately 12 hours.

Visa Requirements

A tourist visa, which lasts for up to one month, must be obtained prior to arrival. Irish passports must be valid for at least six months after intended departure date from Hanoi. You must also have a return or onward ticket. All travellers should check full entry requirements prior to travel.


Vietnamese is the official language – encountering fluent English speakers is more common than rural parts of Vietnam, but still far from common.


Taxis are a convenient way of getting around. You can hire a motorbike, but unless you have plenty of experience driving in the road conditions it can be quite dangerous. If you can get your head around the complex bus system, they are an extremely cheap mode of transport.


The dong is the official currency. Prices are often written in US dollars, but almost everywhere will only accept dong as payment. The reason they are advertised in dollars is because the dong is such an unstable currency.


220V, 50 Hz (some 127V outlets). Flat blade, flat blade grounded, and round pin plugs.

Vaccination & Health

As health requirements change please consult with your GP or specialist travel clinic well in advance of your holiday for specific information related to your travel and medical history. Additional information can be found by visiting MASTA Travel health.

Dialling Code

The Vietnam country code is 0084. Area code: 4

Time Difference

GMT+7 hours (+6 in summer)

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