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Inspiring guides for your holiday to Bangkok

Bustling Bangkok is a bucket-list destination for numerous exciting adventures, cultural hotspots and sensory experiences.   Whether or not this is an essential stop over, en-route to some much-needed beach bliss, we recommend spending a couple of nights in Bangkok before or after your Thailand holiday.

Go with the flow for an assault on the senses; with crazy tuk-tuk rides and tasty street food and you’ll have an incredible time. Explore night markets, the Grand Palace and ancient Buddhist temples. Call our travel experts and read our inspiring Bangkok travel guide for more information on the perfect city and beach experience

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Getting around Bangkok and where to stay

Bangkok can be a daunting city to tackle as it covers over 1,500 square kilometres and the streets are often heaving with traffic. So, make the most of your Thailand holiday with our guide to getting around Bangkok and its top attractions.

Top 10 rooftop bars in Bangkok

Offering some of the most breath-taking views over Bangkok's skyline, these bars are guarenteed to leave you with your head in the clouds...

Top 10 restaurants in Bangkok

Sample some of the best Chinese, Indian and pad-thai cuisine in Bangkok at our top 10 restaurants, that are sure to have you drooling at the entrance...

Explore Bangkok by tuk tuk

Experience the sights, smells and tastes of Thailand's capital on one of the most popular modes of transports with tourists, the famed Tuk Tuk...

The most amazing three course meal for less than a pound

Refreshing and simple, yet mouth-watering and unbelievably delicious, the street food on Khao San Road is the most exciting in Bangkok...

Useful Facts

World famous for its bustling pace and exuberant personality, Bangkok is a surprising destination with a lot to offer...

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