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Eating, drinking and enjoying the nightlife in St Lucia


The unusual blend of French, West Indian and British history has created a unique and flavourful cuisine in St Lucia. Utilising fresh fruit and vegetables along with fish, shellfish and lean meats, St Lucian food is a delectable mixture with something for everyone to enjoy. A few of the local food specialties include: langouste (local lobster) cooked in a variety of ways, Lambi (conch), green figs and salt fish (unripe bananas and salted fish), fried plantain, callaloo soup (soup made from the leaves of the dasheen plant, sort of like spinach), accra (fried fish cakes made from salted cod mixed with spices), and breadfruit (similar to potatoes but with a sweeter taste, eaten with salad or fried and eaten as crisps). If you’re looking to venture away from your resort or hotel, it’s definitely worth getting stuck in and finding some fantastic local food to try. Excellent and relatively cheap restaurants are not hard to find, and there will be plenty of locals to point you in the direction of good food, if you ask.


Piton Beer is the locally brewed lager and is well worth trying. There is a local soft drink called Golden Apple that is very popular, and as with most of the Caribbean, rum is ubiquitous. Chairman’s Reserve is the most renowned of those produced here.


St Lucia is famous for regular street parties – a chance to let your hair down, have a drink and go dancing. These happen on different days across the island. On Friday nights, depending on where you’re closest too, you can visit either Anse La Raye’s Seafood Friday or the Rodney Bay party. Alternatively, there are plenty of bars and clubs in the main town centres. Rodney Bay is especially blessed with plenty of fantastic drinking options whether you’re looking for a low-key tipple or a wild night out.

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