Cheetah on the prowl
Ngorongoro Crater at sunrise
Pack of lions sleeping in Tanzania
Elephant herd roaming together in Tarangire National Park

Shaun and Lisa share their Tanzania honeymoon

Shaun & Lisa travelled on our Classic Tanzania safari and went on to stay at Dream of Zanzibar. Here's what they had to say:

serengeti serena lodge safari

Q. Why did you choose this particular holiday?

A. It was our honeymoon, so we wanted some adventure as well as some relaxation. We found the Tanzania/Zanzibar to have that balance.

fun on safari in tanzania

Q. What did you most like about the itinerary?

A. It was very well detailed, from pickups at airports to what was included in our stays at the different hotels.

Q. What were your accommodation highlights?

A. The hotel in Zanzibar was brilliant. The Dreams of Zanzibar hotel/resort was brilliant because it had everything you want on a sun holiday. You never had to leave the resort. The 6 restaurants had such a variety that you’re bound to find something that you’d like throughout your stay. The pool was clean and lots of space. The gym option was good, and we used it a couple of times. The bar service was very good. When lying on the beach the security for the resort was good, no locals could enter a certain area to sell you various things or offer trips. There was also good offers on all the water sports, we didn’t do them but they looked good.

dream of zanzibar hotel

Q.What were your holiday highlights and why?

A. The safari was the highlight. Every day exploring different parts of Tanzania & seeing different animals. It was breathtaking, once in a lifetime trip, you have to go to experience it, trying to describe it doesn’t do it justice.

Q. What made you go Wow (if anything)?

A. Seeing the animals up close, especially the cats, they have a presence about them.

lions in Tanzania

Q. What was your favourite place and why?

A. Serengeti national park, the variety of animals is great. We saw Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, Elephants, giraffes, Zebras, Hippos, rhinos, Wilderbeasts to name just a few.

giraffe at the serengeti national park

Q. Did you have any concerns before going on this holiday? If so what were they?

A. Yes we did, just being unaware of what society is like. Also knowing that your going to a country that is not that well off, you can be targeted was our thought.

Q. Did the holiday exceed your expectations? If so why?

A. Exceed? Probably. It was just brilliant, every day was a new adventure. We loved it. The scenery on the Safari was also exceptional.

Q. Did you have any outstanding food/dining experiences on the holiday? If so please tell us what and where?

A. No, the food was good, probably very good, but nothing WOW!

Q.What advice would you offer to anyone else considering this type of holiday?

A. Go for it and enjoy every second of it.

relaxing on the beach in zanzibar

Regarding going back we probably won’t, as good as it was I think it was one of those once in a lifetime trips. It’s expensive but we enjoyed every minute of it and are delighted with the trip we picked for our honeymoon.

We would like to thank Shaun & Lisa for sharing their story with us and hope to welcome you on another holiday soon..

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