Qatar Airways

Known as one of the fastest growing airlines and operating one of the youngest fleets in the world, Qatar Airways offers class, luxury and style whilst flying to more than 150 key destinations worldwide. This multi-award winning airline is the National carrier of the State of Qatar, and gives passengers a luxurious travel experience - from lavish amenities to world-class cuisine and service. Fly with Qatar Airways and you’ll be graced with up to 3,000 movies and TV shows on board thanks to its enhanced interface ‘Oryx One’, as well as fast on-board WiFi on selected flights. Qatar Airways offers everything you could possibly need for your journey.


First Class

First Class offers ultimate on-board luxury. If the extravagant décor and designer Giorgio Armani amenities isn’t enough, you’ll also be offered an ultra-comfortable flat bed and thousands of entertainment options, as well as laptop power, a USB plug and OnAir mobile service to keep up to date with work. Sit back in your spacious seat and indulge in signature dishes created by two Celebrity Chefs, as well as a variety of signature drinks, and enjoy an incredibly relaxed flight.




Business Class

Business Class combines comfort, space and technology to help you keep up to date with colleagues or friends whilst you enjoy the airline’s fantastic amenities. With sophisticated LED lighting to ease you into time zones, a generous amount of space for belongings, a large work surface, laptop power, a USB plug and OnAir mobile service, you’ll be sure to keep up to date on your flight. Enjoy your flight in total privacy, choosing from thousands of entertainment options, sumptuous food designed by two Celebrity Chefs, and a myriad of non-alcoholic drinks. Selected flights even offer a dual-screen interface, to ensure even more multitasking.



Economy Class

The Economy Class offers plenty of room to enjoy your flight, whether you fancy sleeping, eating, or taking your pick of over 2,000 entertainment options. You’ll be given blankets, fresh pillows, toiletry pouches and hot towels to ensure complete comfort, and with the latest blockbusters, TV programmes, video games and music at your fingertips, you certainly won’t get bored. Laptop power, a USB plug and a personal telephone means you can keep up to date with friends, and you’ll also be graced with fresh, quality meals and desserts.



Where does Qatar Airways fly to?

Qatar Airways flies to more than 150 destinations worldwide, including those in the Americas, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Flights operate from Belfast, Dublin, Cork, Knock and Shannon.

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