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Holidays in the Seychelles
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Holidays in the Seychelles
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Experience an exotic cruise holiday in the Seychelles

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Searching for an exotic cruise holiday? Then look no further than the Seychelles with its archipelago of 115 tropical islands. Sail through the sparkling Indian Ocean, stopping to discover remote islands and sandy beaches, giant tortoises and rare birds, reef fish and sea turtles. Enjoy all this in luxury from your chic cruise ship, which offers everything from fine dining and sea kayaking to private decks where you can watch the stunning Seychelles scenery pass you by.

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Six reasons to cruise the Seychelles:

Visit some of the planet’s leading beaches

The Seychelles has some of the most flawless beaches on the planet. Take Anse Lazio, which often appears on Top 10 Beach lists, lively Beau Vallon on Mahe and one of the most photographed stretches of sand in the world, Anse Source d’Argent in La Digue. There will be plenty of cruise stops for you to enjoy the silky, white-sand perfection of the Seychelles’ beaches.

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Travel in luxury

Relish superior comfort on board your Seychelles cruise ship. Our lavish catamarans and yachts feature comfortable cabins with mod cons, en-suite bathrooms and private decks. The on-board chef will cook up feasts every day and don’t forget to take advantage of facilities such as diving gear and sea kayaks during your cruise.

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Enjoy great weather

The Seychelles is blessed with year-round sunshine and blue skies, with temperatures ranging from the mid 20's up to 30 degrees. Visit the country during April, May, October or November to avoid the trade winds and get prime visibility for snorkelling and diving. A cruise provides the perfect opportunity to soak up all that Seychelles sunshine from the deck.

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Visit national parks

Stroll through lush jungles, hike to mountain viewpoints and spot decorative flora and fauna in the Seychelles’ collection of National Parks. During your cruise, you’ll likely have a chance to stop at several parks, including Morne Seychellois on Mahe and the Veuve Nature Reserve on La Digue. The highlight has to be Praslin National Park, where you can wander the Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This area is home to spectacular Coco de Mer trees, which produce the world’s largest seed and palm flowers.

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Experience world-class snorkelling and diving

Immerse yourself in the colourful underwater world of the Seychelles. The country has some of the best diving and snorkelling the earth has to offer, with six protected marine parks and plans to create more in the future. During your cruise, you’ll stop off at numerous areas known for their marine diversity, such as Silhouette National Marine Park. Most cruises spend time in the Sainte Anne National Marine Park, which boasts over 150 species of reef fish, not to mention sea turtles, octopus, bright coral gardens and reef shark.

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See the wonderful wildlife

Get up close to all kinds of rare animals in the Seychelles, from striking birds to giant Aldabra tortoises.  You’ll find giant tortoises wandering many of the islands and can visit the official sanctuary on Desroches. Hawksbill and Green turtles also come ashore to lay eggs in various destinations in the Seychelles.

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Seychelles sailing itineraries

Our luxurious Seychelles cruises last between nine and 12 nights and feature various itineraries. You’ll set sail from the main island, Mahe, and likely head through the immaculate Sainte Anne National Marine Park. Along the way, you’ll stop to snorkel and visit a collection of islands, discovering each one’s unique character. Here are some of our popular cruise stops:

  • Mahe - The largest island in the Seychelles and the jumping off point for any cruise or holiday. While on land, take the time to explore the creole capital, Victoria, visit the Morne Seychellois National Park and hop between 75 soft-sand beaches. Don’t miss the vibrant beach resort of Beau Vallon
  • La Digue – boasts one of the world’s top beaches, Anse Source d’Argent, as well as the Veuve Nature Reserve, which is a breeding ground for the Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher Bird. Experience the sleepy, laid-back vibe of La Digue, where most people get around by bicycle
  • Praslin – has its own National Park and iconic Coco de Mer Trees, famous for their huge nuts. Praslin also has iconic powdery white beaches lined with granite boulders, take the chance to relax on Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio during a cruise stop
  • Coco Islands – these tiny islets sit just off La Digue and are known for their rich surrounding waters, which provide prime snorkelling opportunities. You have a chance to see impressive coral beds, rays, parrotfish, Hawksbill sea turtles and much more
  • Cousin – this granitic island just west of Praslin is protected as a Special Reserve, home to the endangered Seychelles Warbler bird. The island is also a breeding site for Green and Hawksbill turtles and home to giant tortoises, nesting seabirds, lizards and crabs
  • Saint Pierre – an uninhabited raised reef island near Praslin, with calm surrounding waters for swimming, kayaking and snorkelling. Boats can’t actually dock on the tiny islet, which features nothing but palm trees, vegetation and rocks
  • Silhouette – sits in its own marine park and has some of the most pristine coral reefs in the Seychelles. Divers love the area’s dramatic underwater cliffs, which plunge to 35 metres. Silhouette also has 500 metres of virgin rainforest and the 751-metre-high Mount Dauban, ideal for trekking
  • Curieuse – another granitic gem off the north coast of Praslin, it has unusual bare red earth, Coco de Mer trees, a mangrove swamp, around 500 Aldabra Giant Tortoises and used to be a leper colony
  • Felicite – lies just four kilometres from La Digue and was once a coconut grove. Felicite is covered in thick, mountainous landscape, which makes it great for a day hike
  • Grand Soeur – part of a group of private ‘big sister’ islands north of La Digue loved for their deserted beaches, panoramic ocean views, trekking and snorkelling

Most of our Seychelles cruises include hotel stays by the beach for several nights at either end of the trip. You’ll get to stay in beachside accommodation such as the AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa on Mahe or the Coco de Mer Hotel & Balck Parrot Suites in Praslin.

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Seychelles cruise ships

Explore the Seychelles in style on one of our top-end cruise ships. Wake to sunrise views over the Indian Ocean, sunbathe en-route to new islands and relax with a sunset cocktail and dinner on deck after a day of snorkelling and exploring. Here are the three boat options for our Seychelles cruises:

  • The Eleuthera 60 catamaran - built in 2008, this boat has five classy cabins with air conditioning, private bathrooms and sea views. Enjoy large sun decks for up to 10 passengers, a lounge, dining and bar area. The Eleuthera has a swimming ladder, two sea kayaks, snorkelling and fishing gear, as well as a dinghy for your use
  • The Motor Yacht Pegasus – renovated in 2016, this modern yacht has 21 cabins, each with private en-suite bathrooms, flat-screen TVs and air conditioning. There’s a lounge, 240-metre-squared sundeck, shaded dining area and outdoor bar. Passengers also have access to a library, ocean-view dining at the restaurant and a Zen mini spa on the lower deck. Swim and snorkel off a platform on the stern
  • The Mojito 82 catamaran – can accommodate 24 passengers across its 12 well-designed cabins, which come with air conditioning and private bathrooms. The Mojito was built in 2006 and features spacious decks and lounges. Make use of the swimming ladder, kayak, fishing gear and dinghy

All the catamarans and yachts come with professional crews, including captains and a combination of deck hands, stewards and chefs. Boats typically have standard snorkelling and diving equipment, as well as sea kayaks, for passengers to use.

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