One of America’s largest airlines, Delta offers excellent services across the world with all the luxuries you need to arrive in style. You’ll be treated to unlimited complimentary snacks and drinks including Starbucks® coffee, as well as excellent food, top-class in-flight entertainment and sleep kits to help you get a restful flight.



Simple and comfort, Delta’s economy option offers great value for money ensuring your flight will be memorable for all the right reasons. The airline offers meal service on long-haul flights as well as in-flight entertainment, free snacks and drinks. With highly attentive service and everything you need to keep you in complete comfort you can sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.




Delta Comfort+™

Upgrading to Delta Comfort+™ means extra legroom as well as premium snacks and drinks. You will have priority boarding and your seat will be located towards the front of the plane – this makes for a more relaxed experience throughout your journey. It is definitely the little things that add up to a big difference when you choose to upgrade with Delta.




Delta One™

Offering Delta’s highest levels of luxury, Delta One™ treats you to spacious seats that fold into fully-flat beds. With delicious chef-curated meals paired with fine wines, you also have access to the Club lounge before the flight.

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