Costa Rica Sustainable Leadership

Costa Rica’s environmental credentials are impressive, making it one of the leading nations in sustainable policies.

Well over 90% of electricity used in Costa Rica is from renewable energy.  The vast majority of this comes from hydroelectric generation, but the country also uses geothermal power, wind and solar sources.

Around 30% of Costa Rica is protected with National Park or similar status, ensuring the continuing integrity of the natural eco system of both plant and wildlife

Careful tourism planning ensures visitors get to experience the magnificent scenery and wildlife, whilst ensuring minimal impact on the eco system and providing valuable financial contribution towards local communities.  Touring companies assist in the education of visitors on the biodiversity and the importance of protecting the natural habitat.

A government-led initiative, which involved and rewarded local communities, managed to not only stop de-forestation, but to reverse the situation to encourage indigenous reforestation.  This has been hugely successful and it is now thought that around 60% of the land is once again covered in tropical forests.


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