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Holidays in Tobago

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The best beaches

Tobago has long stretches of beautiful beach that is utterly deserted – there’s nowhere in the Caribbean where you can find these kinds of amazing beaches to yourself. The Caribbean Sea coast is the prettier of the two, blessed with coral white sand. The Atlantic coast has darker, volcanic sand, but the beaches are still great.

Pigeon Point is arguably the most famous beach. Powdery white sand stretches out into the distance and the turquoise water gently laps at the shore. Since 2005 there has been a small entrance fee to the beach, but the beauty is definitely worth it.

Other great spots include Mt Irvine Bay, Store Bay and Englishman’s Bay.


For surfing and other non-motorised watersports, the rougher waves of the Atlantic coast are absolutely ideal, while if you’re looking to do some jet-skiing or water-skiing, the calm Caribbean Sea side is the place to go. If you’re not at a resort that can provide the services, most of the major beaches on the island have some sort of watersport centre with the facilities to hire equipment and gear.

Sailing is very popular here too, although it’s worth noting that the waters off the Tobago coast should only be navigated by experienced sailors – they are not for the beginner. It’s usually possible, however, to hire small catamarans and dinghies and have a fantastic time as long as you stay close enough to the shore.

The Carnival and Heritage Festival

Coinciding with Trinidad’s world famous carnival is a smaller community-based celebration in Tobago’s capital, Scarborough. Trinidad’s version is much larger but takes some serious booking in advance.

Tobago also hosts the Heritage Festival in the last week in July and first week of August. This is a feast of Tobago culture featuring folk singing, dancing and other performances.

Goat and Crab Races

This bizarre spectacle held at Buccoo sees participants race their goats with stoic seriousness – the result is very amusing. The crab races are a smaller affair that lacks the same competitive edge. 

Diving and Snorkelling

Tobago is a truly world-class diving destination with ideal conditions and sites for everyone from complete beginners to experienced divers. There is amazing sea life to seek out and the wonderfully clear provides the perfect environment to see it.

If scuba diving seems a little too intense for your holiday but you’d like to get a glimpse of life underwater, you can hire snorkelling equipment.

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